Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the Life Goals program content free, or is there a fee for using the material?

The Life Goals materials found on this website are available at no cost to the general public.

I want to use the Life Goals program with my patients/consumer.  Do I need to be trainined?

Although it is not required, it is recommended that Life Goals providers complete a one-day training session prior to delivering this program to individuals.

How do I get trained in Life goals? 

If you are interested in attending a one-day training session please contact

How do I choose which sessions to use with an individual?

Module topics are chosen using a collaborative process between the individual and the provider. Ideally, Life Goals topics are selected using a shared-decision making process wherein the provider acts as the technical expert and the individuals remain the expert on themselves and their needs. This process enables the individuals to identify what they would like to work on. Life Goals providers should generally ask permission before suggesting additional topics and refrain from being too prescriptive. If the individual selects modules that are clinically inappropriate, the Life Goals provider is encouraged to negotiate within reason. However, an effort should be made to ensure that the process is led by the individual’s personal goals and values with collaboration and respect for the clinical knowledge and expertise of the health care providers. The program should act as a tool to help the individuals reach their goals.

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