What is Life Goals?

Life Goals serves as a skills management intervention that can either be delivered as a stand-alone treatment or as part of the multi-component collaborative care model, Life Goals Collaborative Care (LG-CC).

A brief video on the Life Goals Collaborative Care program can be found here.

The LG-CC model has three main components:

Self Management

The Self-management component includes the psychoeducation and psychotherapy modules used to remove obstacles that impede individuals’ ability to work towards their life goals. Self-management is either used in the context of the collaborative care model we call LG-CC, or used as a stand-alone clinical intervention we call simply, Life Goals.

Care Management

Care Management in LG-CC supports individuals in working towards their life goals. This is done by coordinating care and promoting a collaborative relationship between the individuals and their health care provider(s). Care management represents a core set of clinical activities that could be provided by the same person who delivers the self-management portion of the LG-CC program, or implemented by a team of providers within a health care organization or clinic; thus, the individual’s care manager does not need to be the Life Goals provider. In some cases, the LG-CC care management component can be incorporated into an existing care management program.

Decision Support

The goal of Decision Support is to assist health care providers in making appropriate evidence-based treatment decisions for the individuals for whom they are providing care. Wherever possible, decisions should be made in accordance with the preferences of these individuals (i.e. shared decision-making).  However, providing a reasonable spectrum of options requires the provider to have two things:

  1. Knowledge regarding the evidence-based treatment options (i.e., options supported by clinical studies and/or expert opinion)
  2. Up-to-date information about the individual’s current clinical state and needs (measurement-based care)