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Life Goals Collaborative Care (LG-CC) can improve medical and psychiatric outcomes regardless of almost any type of treatment setting.


Organizations utilize LG-CC to make better treatment decisions for each one of the individuals for whom they provide care.


LG-CC works for consumers to improve overall functioning, take better care of oneself, engage in community activities, and learn new things

Welcome to Life Goals Collaborative Care

Life Goals Collaborative Care (LG-CC) is a person-centered program proven to improve medical and psychiatric outcomes for persons with mental health conditions, regardless of treatment setting. Life Goals participants have shown improved overall functioning, including the ability to take better care of themselves, engage in community activities, and learn new things.

The LG-CC Model

Life Goals as a  skills management program is meant to support day-to-day symptom management wise decision-making regarding more intensive specialty care.

This makes LG-CC particularly valuable not only in specialty mental health settings that treat individuals with chronic conditions such as bipolar disorder, but also in less resourced general mental health settings and primary care.  The goal is to engage and stabilize individuals in that setting – not all will need to go on to more intensive specialty care.

LG-CC modules are designed so that they can be delivered in either group or individual format, including via clinical video teleconferencing for either format.

  • Self Management

    Includes the psychoeducation and psychotherapy modules used to remove obstacles that impede individuals’ ability to work towards their life goals.

  • Care Management

    Supports individuals via coordination of care and promotion of a collaborative relationship between the individuals and their health care provider(s).

  • Decision Support

    Assist health care providers in making appropriate evidence-based treatment decisions for the individuals for whom they are providing care.

Implementation:  The Life Goals Bookend Approach

With the Life Goals Bookend Approach, think of a collection of books with a bookend on either side. The Life Goals “bookends” consist of the first and last manuals (i.e. Introduction and Managing Your Care).  The number and content of manuals in between these bookends can be varied depending on the needs of the individual in treatment.  Below is a sampling of topics available in the content library .  Click here to see all available manuals/topics.

Access modules from your smartphone or tablet

Life Goals Collaborative Care modules can be accessed on the go.

Simply log in to this website using your smartphone or tablet and download modules just as you would on your desktop.

Learn how Life Goals Collaborative Care can enhance your clinic or practice today!

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